About the veg boxes

The aim is to provide really tasty, fresh, local vegetables in a way which is convenient and affordable.

Boxes will be delivered weekly between the 6th of July and the 9th of November. Almost all vegetables will be picked on the day of delivery, so they'll arrive in the freshest possible condition. 

Here is a list of vegetables which will be grown in the garden:


Roots: beetroot, carrots, turnip, celeriac

Peas and Beans:  broad beans, runner beans, peas, mangetout

Onions: spring onions, onions, leeks

Courgettes and pumpkins

Brassicas: cauliflower, brocolli, kale and cabbage

Salad: spinach, lettuce, rocket, mustard, celery, chard, parsley

The veg boxes have been planned so that each will contain between 7 and 11 different types of vegetables, with a good range of the different groups. 


All vegetables will be grown outside in the field, so they also need to be able to withstand our Scottish weather. So no aubergines this year I'm afraid but perhaps in the future!


Sarah and Paul will be growing organic potatoes on a field scale which can be ordered separately in larger quantities to be delivered with the veg box. You can also put in orders for their beef and lamb to be delivered in the same way, see www.coldwellsorganic.co.uk.  


Signing up to the newsletter


If you're interested to see the market garden develop you can email info@megsveg.co.uk to see what goes on. 

Signing up to a veg box subscription

Here are the prices for 2018: 

  • Standard 

    • Feeds 2 people​

    • £10/week including delivery

  • Large ​

    • Feeds 3-4 people​

    • £15/week including delivery

  • Smaller boxes may also be available, please contact us to enquire (info@megsveg.co.uk)

If for any reason (rain, hail, rabbits...) it is not possible to supply a veg box of the agreed value, the deficit will be refunded.  

If you are interested please email us at info@megsveg.co.uk. 


Free delivery around Insch, Premnay, Oyne, Old Rayne, Meikle Wartle and Keig - please get in touch if you're unsure whether you're inside the delivery area. If you're out then please leave a suitable container outside your door to protect it from wildlife, hailstorms etc! If you live outside this postcode please get in touch to see whether we can arrange a convenient method of delivery. 

Cancellation and refunds

If some weeks you're not around to take your veg box we will refund it, provided you let us know 48 hours in advance of the delivery. There may be other people who would like a veg box but would be around more often, so if you cancel more than 3 week's of veg box we reserve the right to end your subscription. 

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