• Veg boxes with home delivery to Tarland, Aboyne, Logie Coldstone and surrounding area  

  • Grown on our market garden near Tarland without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilisers

  • Sign-up for a weekly delivery from July-December

  • A mixture of seasonal vegetables picked on the day of delivery

  • Minimal plastic packaging  

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About Megs Veg


 Hello to customers old and new! We are back for 2022!


Our third year has proven a dry one, and a windy one! 


Despite all that's going in the world we continue to hoe, rake, dig, water, sweat, and hope that our vegetables will grow! Everything we sell we grow ourselves and it is always a nerve-wracking endeavour working in our increasingly erratic Scottish climate.

We are very grateful to our veg box customers. In taking on a veg box you create a reliable and immediate market for the produce we grow. In this simple supply chain we get our vegetables to you on the same day they were picked, without the need for transit refrigeration or excess plastic packaging. We really appreciate your willingness to accept a mixture of seasonal vegetables, as we know this sacrifices the convenience and choice of supermarket shopping. We want to thank you for helping us play our part in strengthening the local food system.













About the market garden


In 2020 we took on a 1.5 acre field on the MacRobert Trust Estate near Tarland. With the addition of a deer fence, hedge, polytunnel and packing shed each year our site looks less like a field and more like a market garden.


We grow in a no-dig method to minimize soil disturbance, and do not use artificial fertilisers or pesticides. The market garden is home to a myriad of wildlife including swallows, toads, lizards, butterflies, bees, and lots and lots of earthworms.


This year’s veg growing team consists of myself (Megan), my dad Steve, local gardener and seed saver Lizzy, and handyman extraordinaire Ali.








Veg Boxes


Veg boxes contain a mixture of seasonal vegetables grown by us at our 1.5 acre market garden.


Some of the veg are familiar staples like carrots and peas; others, like Aztec broccoli and Jerusalem artichokes, may be less familiar to your kitchen. We try to make sure that the veg box contents are a balance of starchy roots, leafy greens, and juicy treats from our polytunnel.


This year’s prices are as follows:


Small: £9.50/week (5+ items, suitable for a 1 adult household)

Medium: £12.50 /week (7+ items, suitable for a 2 adult household)

Large: £17/week (7+ large portions (x1.5) for a 3+ adult household)


Some items in the box such as cherry tomatoes are relatively high value crops, while others are lower value such as carrots. We have planned the boxes such that the above prices reflect the average value of the box over the season. We are happy to discuss discounts for low income households.


For environmental health purposes our veg is categorized as unwashed (i.e. not a ‘ready-to-eat’ product) as we do not have indoor catering standard washing facilities. It is therefore your responsibility to wash the vegetables at home.






We offer free delivery to those living in and around Aboyne, Tarland and Logie Coldstone.

For those living down long tracks we may ask you if we can leave the box in a suitably sheltered place at the end of your track to avoid vehicle wear.  

If you live outside the village and are not on our delivery routes we may ask whether you could arrange to pick your box up from a friend's house within the village boundary as with rising fuel costs we have had to make our delivery routes more efficient.  














Please pay for the boxes by standing order at the beginning of each month. 













If you are away on holiday please let us know at least 3 days in advance.


Unlike other box schemes in Scotland we have decided not to limit refunded cancellation, however as we have planned the veg so that we have a certain amount each week it is a problem for us on week’s when several customers are away and we have too much veg.


We would really appreciate it therefore if you would consider trying to arrange for a friend to have your veg box when you are away.


In months when you do go away and can’t find anyone to take your box we will refund the boxes you have not taken at the end of the month.  


Should you wish to cancel your subscription entirely we will refund all credit on your account.











We are not able to offer opt-out for veg you’re less fond of or grow yourself, however we will send out regular emails with recipe suggestions to help you make the most of your box.


Packaging and advice on how to store your vegetables


Veg will be delivered in cardboard or blue plastic boxes. Please leave your box from the previous week out so that we can collect it.


To minimize use of plastic we deliver leafy veg like chard and kale tied with a rubber band and ask that you leave out a tub of water on veg box delivery day for us to place leafy bunches in to keep them fresh until you get home. You can keep the leafy veg in the water tub on your kitchen counter but it will probably stay fresh for longer if you take it out and put it in to a sealed reusable plastic bag in your fridge.


We often use paper bags to package our legumes and root veg. Unfortunately our salad will still be delivered in plastic bags as we haven’t found a good alternative as yet.